Friday, September 26, 2003

Check out "Luther"

Seems sure to stir up a little trouble. The LA Times review doesn't rave, but it does give a balanced account. (I'm guessing because I haven't seen the film) You have to be a registered user of the to see their review.

Here's Steven Greydanus's Take

Steven sees this from his Catholic Perspective, and finds much to commend, but can't recommend the film's viewing for a Catholic audience.

Thursday, September 25, 2003

Arnold steps in it again

The most interesting quote is toward the end of the article, when Arnold insinuates that he'd do something similar to putting Arianna Huffington's head in a toilet:

At another point, when Schwarzenegger interrupted her, Huffington objected. "This is the way you treat women. We know that. But not now."

Allowed to rebut what Statham ruled was a personal attack, Schwarzenegger said, "I would just like to say that I just realized that I have a perfect part for you in 'Terminator 4.'" He also suggested that she might need "more decaf."

It's beginning to sound like we need a free for all with Arnie and Jesse Ventura.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Issa is such a liar

Darrell Issa finances the recall effort, bails out when it becomes apparent that he personally won't benefit, and now he proves that the whole mess is a lie.

There was never any constitutional reason for this recall, it has always been about Republican envy for losing the election. The California Republican party is disintegrating and they can't control their own destiny. Arnold is too liberal, McClintock is too conservative, and their last candidate was a complete loser. He lost to Gray Davis in a landslide, when Gray was hugely unpopular. This recall was only about the Republicans trying to get a second chance. But they're blowing it again.

Now Issa encourages GOP'ers to vote No on the recall that he started, because he sees that as the only way to save face. Rather than let a Dem win (Cruz), he'd rather let Gray stay in office.

Now if he'd only reimburse the state and its people for all the money spent...
The Direct Marketing Association sure is busy these days!

But can they enforce it?

You may have to be a registered user to see this article:
California Is Set to Ban Spam

The DMA is fighting hard to "save jobs" at the expense of the rest of the planet. They are also fighting the effort to enforce the ban on FAX advertising. The DMA is fighting a losing battle on all these fronts, and should give it up now. There is no way these direct marketing ploys will be tolerated. They use up my resources to send *their* message. Not OK.

I once called a guy who had sent me a FAX ad for his local printing business. His story? "I'm just a small business trying to get the word out." Too bad. I'm just a small business too, and using up my paper and my time on my FAX is not a legit way to do business. Pony up the money for a real campaign - use flyers, the mail, whatever. But don't spend my money for your advertising. That goes for email (how much extra are we spending on servers that are now working more than 50% of the time to process spam? And how much have you spent lately on a spam filter? Or how much time have you spent hitting "delete?"), telemarketing (like I pay for my phone so that you have direct access to me? I think not.) FAX, and now - text message spams.

The DMA and their members are mostly miserable excuses for human beings.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

I find it interesting that isn't already taken.

Because, with statements like this, Arnold proves over and over again just what an idiot he really is.

He claims that his comments in the Oui magazine article about group sex were just stories made up to promote the "sport" of bodybuilding. He never expected that they would be held up as an example of his character. But the quote about putting a woman's head in the toilet? That was made just recently, well after rumors of Arnie's interest in the California Governor's race surfaced. What an idiot.

And what about his earlier comments? We can see his strategy! It's better to be a liar than have sex. Arnie would rather claim he lied about participating in group sex activities than let it be known that he actually was there. And he has plenty of role models to look to. G.W. Bush is enjoying loads of sympathy for lying about WMD's in Iraq, but look at the continued hatred of Clinton! Not for lying, no - that's ok! He almost went down in flames for having sex.

Americans can be really strange.
What in the world is Maurice Clarett thinking??? Of course, we all know he's only thinking about the Benjamins - which is what got him in this trouble in the first place.
What in the world is Maurice Clarett thinking???

Monday, September 22, 2003

Testing out the comments section

Just learning a few things, so here goes:

Went to Mt. Pinos this weekend, had a good time. I've put some pictures here.
Welcome to the latest in internet technology, with which I am just catching up.