Friday, October 29, 2004

Hackers Target Apple? Congratulations!

So now we actually have a Macintosh Virus? Better make sure my virus protection is up to date....
It's about time!!

FBI investigating how Halliburton got Bush administration contracts: "The FBI has begun investigating whether the Pentagon improperly awarded no-bid contracts to Halliburton Co., seeking an interview with a top Army contracting officer and collecting documents from several government offices."

Unfortunately, this will only go as high as Cheney (who deserves to fall too). I'd still love to see how much Bush made from his buddies at Enron.......
Explosives that we had, then didn't have, now we did have them again:

"The strongest evidence to date indicates that conventional explosives missing from Iraq's Al-Qaqaa installation disappeared after the United States had taken control of Iraq.

Barrels inside the Al-Qaqaa facility appear on videotape shot by ABC television affiliate KSTP of St. Paul, Minn., which had a crew embedded with the 101st Airborne Division when it passed through Al-Qaqaa on April 18, 2003 — nine days after Baghdad fell."

So, what happened to them, Mr. Bush? They didn't just fall down a rabbit hole. Once again, I'm feeling ever so much safer know that you're in the White House.

There are a lot of soldiers over there, trying to do a good job. Instead, they're having to fight a political battle too - and that isn't fair to them, or to the American people. We have politicians, thousands of miles away from the action, making command decisions that have caused needless deaths, increased the power base of the rebels and now have allowed hundreds of tons of explosives to just disappear.

Time for this administration to "disappear" too.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Another List to argue about

This one is the "50 Greatest Living Actors over the age of 50." Robert DeNiro wins, and Al Pacino is second for some bizarre reason. Jack Nicholson takes third (should be higher) and Paul Newman is deservedly in fourth place. But, proving that he is actually the greatest of all time, Marlon Brando takes fifth place - even though he's *dead!* Taking fifth in a list of living actors is a pretty remarkable feat.

The top woman is Sigourney Weaver. The only good thing about that is that she beat Meryl Streep who came in 14th. Judi Dench is 20th.

Who doesn't really belong on this list? I've got to say Alan Rickman and Bill Murray.

Fire away......
George Bush's One Finger Victory Salute

When did this occur? And what does this really say about W? Perhaps that he isn't as *smart* as we all thought?

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Man accused of trying to run down Rep. Katherine Harris

A little late, don't you think? Where was this guy in 2000?

Actually, no one should get run over for their political beliefs. Although the Republicans have sure tried to run over Democrats for the last four years.....
Is this the sort of thing I should just keep ready to go?

Postal Experts Hunt for Missing Ballots in Florida

Florida and voting irregularities? Who'da thunk?

Monday, October 25, 2004

GOP Pressures Rock the Vote to Stop Talking About the Draft: "The head of the Republican National Committee has threatened to take legal action against the pro-voting group Rock the Vote and to challenge its non-profit status if the group continues to discuss the possibility that the government may reinstate the draft."

I loved their response: There's a place for that kind of sentiment (and your threats) but its not here in our country." Seems to me that the most patriotic people in this country are the ones trying to protect our rights, not the ones trying to trample them. The soldiers abroad protecting our rights, the people at home trying to protect our rights from those who would legislate or litigate them out of existence.

It certainly isn't Ed Gillespie, John Ashcroft or G.W. Bush. (If I suddenly disappear, it'll be because of this blog.... )
Thank you George Bush! I sure feel safer knowing that you are in charge.......

350 Metric Tons of Explosives Missing in Iraq: "The International Atomic Energy Agency has confirmed a report that 350 metric tons of explosives are missing from a key former military installation in Iraq."

Let's see..... can't find Bin Laden..... can't find 350 *TONS* of explosives....can't find his own A.....

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Who cares? Go get him!: "Former Navy Secretary John Lehman said Thursday that the Pentagon has pinpointed the location of Osama bin Laden in the Baluchistan Region of Western Pakistan, but is holding back on rounding him up because it could destabilize the government of Pakistani leader Pervez Musharraf."

Or, is Bush more worried that getting Bin Laden today won't be as effective as getting him on Nov. 1?

Friday, October 22, 2004

This is absolutely hilarious:

Germans say they've found Luther's toilet : "German archeologists say they have discovered the toilet on which Martin Luther wrote the 95 Theses that launched the Protestant Reformation."

Study Links Traffic Jams, Heart Attacks
: "researchers have concluded that people caught in traffic are three times more likely to suffer a heart attack within the hour than those who aren't tied up on the road."

Sheesh... maybe I should start working from home? :)
What about Clinton?: "The Kerry campaign accused the Bush administration of 'telling Americans to keep calm' while top officials like Cheney and Treasury Secretary John Snow get their flu shots."

This isn't really a fight that Kerry should be picking. Cheney has had heart problems for 25 years and clearly is at risk.

I'm getting a flu shot today too. Apparently heart patients, like myself, are considered "vulnerable." I have mixed emotions about it. On the one hand, I understand why I got approved. But I feel a little bit like the animal that can't quite stay with the herd and gets picked off by the predator because he's weak.

On the bright side though, I took three "spinning" classes this week. I've been in these classes for about 2 weeks now and they are quite a workout. So maybe soon I'll be able to stay up with the herd.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

See, the Republicans are trying to steal this election: "A Lakewood Republican stealing campaign signs late one night got nabbed when he ran across a low- hanging driveway chain, fell face first onto a pilfered sign and the concrete and knocked himself unconscious."
School District Bans Halloween: "The district says Halloween celebrations and children dressed in Halloween costumes might be offensive to real witches."

Usually it's the Christians who aren't all that thrilled with All Hallows Eve. But now we're worrying about tweaking out the Wiccans?

And shouldn't the school be more afraid that real witches might eat their elementary school kids? :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Behind the robes, Stewart finds controversy

Jon Stewart sure is finding ways to keep himself in the news! Now Wal-Mart is banning his book. The picture in question is absolutely hilarious, and hard to look at! The Supreme Court Justices, naked, in all their saggy glory.

The other hilarious/sad image in the book is the Senate Color By Numbers. It shows the original Senate - circa 1789 or so - and only one color to be drawn on their faces, white. Then it shows our current Senate - all 100 of them - with the same color scheme. Barack Obama would be the only person of color in the Senate, if he's elected.

If you haven't seen this book, you should. Absolutely priceless.

Friday, October 08, 2004

I'm watching the debate right now, and Kerry is mopping the floor with Bush. Bush is coming off strident and shrill. Kerry looks like the cat who ate the canary every time Bush opens his mouth. It's as if Bush opens the door and Kerry is ready for him over the threshold.

We'll see how it goes throughout the rest of the night, but right now, Kerry is really looking good.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

More and more, I'm supporting Kerry because I like what he says. I started off voting against Bush, but when Kerry talks about Iraq being the wrong war at the wrong time, I just have to agree. We should have been going after Bin Laden, not Hussein.

But every once in a while, Kerry pulls a stunt like this:

Kerry being a Goofball

Oh well - at least the campaign isn't completely serious....

Monday, October 04, 2004

Bush, Kerry in a draw, poll says

49% for Kerry, 49% for Bush. 1% for Nader. What's the other 1% thinking?

I'm pretty happy with this - it's hard to unseat any incumbent. Especially a lying, cheating one. (Oh, wait... did I say that out loud?)
Don't forget Poland!

During the debate, W kept mentioning Poland as being one of our allies in Iraq. As if their participation was some great event. Now, it looks like Poland is setting a time table for their departure. I wonder who Bush will look to next?